Abdominal exercises

Abs workouts:

  • Ensure that you warm-up before completing abdominal exercises or other resistance training.
  • Commence your abs and core exercise program by selecting the easier options first and then progressing slowly to more complex exercises that suit your personal abilities 
  • Always maintain good posture - unlock your knees, keep feet shoulder width apart, head up and chin in.
  • Only select a few abs and core exercises for your workout to ensure that fatigue does not occur.
  • Carry out exercise in a smooth, controlled manner always supporting the lower back by contracting core muscles including abs and glutes.
  • Always remember to breath out during exertion, never hold your breath.
  • Stabilise through your core muscles to prevent your back from arching during the exercises and to support the spine.
  • Wear appropriate exercise clothing and footwear.
  • Complete a cool down with stretches at the end of your workout.