BackFit Workshops

What is BackFit

BackFit is an injury prevention program co-ordinated and delivered by CFA’s Health Programs in conjunction with PACE Health Management. This year, all CFA Healthwatch sessions will be followed by a Backfit workshop.

What does it include?

BackFit includes a suite of multimedia resources and the BackFit workshops, all of which are designed to provide members with strategies to reduce their risk of musculoskeletal injuries and improve posture.

Why is this important?

Sprains and strains are the leading cause of injury at CFA (approximately 44%), a large proportion of which are related to the back. Understanding the mechanisms behind these injuries and simple strategies for injury prevention can help to reduce your risk of experiencing a sprain or strain.


BackFit workshops run for 60 minutes with a focus on back care and injury prevention. The BackFit workshop has an emphasis on physical work and manual handling, as well as stretches and strengthening activities that can be utilised to reduce the risk of injury.

Through the BackFit workshops participants will learn about:

  • Basic human biomechanics 
  • Common problems which can result in pain or dysfunction
  • The consequences of poor posture or poor manual handling
  • How to change behaviours to reduce the risk of injury.


To organise a BackFit workshop for you brigade contact Teagan Knight on 03 9262 8856 or at or make a booking on the Healthwatch website