Get Moving Challenge

Get Moving Challenge

Get Moving is a state-wide competition which challenges CFA members to increase the number of steps they take in a day in order to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

CFA members who sign up for the Challenge receive: 

  • A Get Moving Registration Pack
  • Access to an exclusive 20% off Garmin offer
  • Resources and ongoing support
  • A chance to win one of many great achievement or random entrant prizes

About the Challenge

The Get Moving Challenge is a designed to motivate participants by letting them see how simple things like a lunch hour walk or taking the stairs can all add up. By upping the amount of incidental exercise they do, members are encouraged to aim for 10,000 steps per day – or equivalent to one hour and a half of brisk walking. This is the amount shown by research to significantly improve stamina and burn excess calories.

Members who step up to the Get Moving Challenge are encouraged to increase their daily physical activity levels and step counts in a bid to become either the champion mover, the most consistent mover or the most improved mover, and winning great prizes. Team prizes are also up for grabs in each of these categories, and there is also a shield for the District who has the highest participation rate in the challenge.

As another addition to the Get Moving Challenge each week participants will be encouraged to take part in a weekly challenge targeting another aspect of their health, such as sleep or nutrition. Individuals who participate can post a picture on Facebook, tagging the 'CFA Get Moving Challenge' page, or email a copy of the photo to for a chance to win some great prizes.

2015 Results

In 2015 667 members from 86 teams across Victoria signed up for the challenge, with teams representing 18 of the 21 CFA districts. Collectively the 2015 participants took 300 million steps, this equates to almost 250,000kms or walking around the Earth six times!

2014 Results

The 2014 Get Moving participants collectively lost a total of 344kg, took 89 million steps and lost 635cm from their waists! To put that into perspective, it would take one person walking constantly (no breaks!) for 515 days to cover as much ground.