Get Moving Challenge Week 4: Get Cooking

Healthier, tastier, safer, social and cheap- why wouldn't you cook at home?!


Benefits of Home Cooking

When ordering takeaway, you rarely know where your foods are coming from, how they were cooked, or the real nutrient values.

Home cooking gives many benefits. Other than making the kitchen the life of the house again, home cooking allows for:

  • Tastier food – you are able to cook to your personal preferences!
  • Nutritional knowledge – you will know exactly what is going into your meals,how it was cooked and if the nutritional
    values were compromised. You may also learn more about the foods you eat by reading labels or researching new ways to cook!
  • Health – You can cook healthier alternatives, reduce fat, salt and sugar intake and control your own portion sizes.
  • Saving money– eating in is a lot cheaper than eating out. Check out the tips for cooking at home to save you money while staying healthy.
  • Plus spend more time with the family!

Tips for saving time and money - Cooking at home!

Throw away those takeaway menus and take advantage of these money and time saving home cooking tips and tricks!

  • Stock your pantry! Ordering takeaway may be more tempting when your panty is bare. Use this space and buy foods that have a long shelf-life and that can be combined in a number of ways to create new dishes.
  • Use your freezers and fridges! They can be the largest power consumers in your kitchen, so why leave them empty? Stock up on vegetables, meat, poultry and fish and freeze everything you can to increase shelf life. This way you can save money by buying in bulk- simply thaw, cook and enjoy.
  • Pre-prep meals! Use all that food you just bought in bulk and cook in bulk! Cooking larger portions or simply preparing some meals when you have free time will save time. Use those freezers to store your meals until your ready to eat and simply reheat and enjoy! This can also be good for using leftovers and further saves you money whilst reducing food waste.
  • Get motivated! If you live on your own it can be hard to be motivated to cook for one. Pre-prepping meals can be a good way to combat this, but also try inviting friends and family over. Involve them in cooking where possible- browse recipe books and websites to find new ideas, and remember all the money you will be saving and the health benefits! 


The Australian Dietary Guidelines provides advice on eating for health and wellbeing. If you are having trouble knowing which foods you should be eating more or less of, the Australian Dietary Guidelines is your go-to guide.


Evidence suggest that Australians need to consume MORE vegetables, legumes and beans, fruits, wholegrain cereals, low fat dairy products  including cheese, fish and poultry, eggs, nuts and seeds, and lean red meat.

We need to eat LESS refined cereals, high fat dairy products, fatty cuts of meat and food and drink high in saturated fat,added sugar or alcohol, including most takeaway food.