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  • Crunches and sit ups

    • Warm up before beginning resistance training.
    • Maintain good posture; unlock your knees, keep your feet shoulder width apart, head up and chin in.
    • Always remember to breath out on exertion, never hold your breath.
    • Tighten stomach and squeeze through your glutes to support your spine throughout the exercise.
    • Complete each action in a slow and controlled manner.
    • During crunches and sit ups focus on drawing your ribs towards your hips and your belly button to your back and pulling your shoulder back and down.
  • Chest press

    Set up:

    • Multistation: lay on your back in a position where the the machine handles are directly above your chest
    • Fitball: Roll out onto the ball with both the head and beck supported. Knees should be at 90 degree angles with feet shoulder width apart.
    • Bench: Lay back on the bench with your head and neck supported. Knees should be at 90 degrees of less (knees above hips), resting on the ground, a step of the bench.