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  • Shoulder press

    • Sit/stand with feet shoulder width apart and core activated.
    • Hold a light dumbbell in each hand with your arms out to the side, elbows tucked in and weights resting just above your shoulders.
    • Press up through your shoulders, lifting the dumbbells straight up above your shoulders. Arms should be extended with a slight bend in the elbow at the top of the shoulder press.
    • To return, gently lower the weight back down to shoulder height.
    • Repeat 10-15 reps x 2 sets
  • Seated row

    Seated Row (Cable Machine)
    • Adjust the weight pin to an appropriate weight. If unsure opt for a light weight.
    • Sit with your feet against the foot pads with a slight bend in your knees
    • Focus on your posture, contracting your abdominals and glutes and pulling your shoulders back and down. This posture should be maintained throughout the exercise.
    • Bend forward at the hips to grab hold of the handles and sit up straight with your arms extended out in front of your body and a slight bend in your elbows.
  • Rower

    Sit on the seat of the rower machine and strap your feet in tightly.

    Concentrate on your posture, ensuring that your shoulders are pulled back and that your abdominal muscles are contracting to protect your lower back. You should maintain this posture throughout the exercise, keeping your back flat and hinging from the hips rather than hunching forward during the catch phase of the exercise.

    Slide forward bending at the knees and hips and reach forward to take hold of the bar. This is the catch position.

  • Push ups

    Push ups can be completed in various positions in increase/decrease difficulty. 

    To make a push up easier complete the push up on your knees or in a position where your hands are higher than your feets.

    To make a push up harder complete the pushup in a position where your feet are higher than your hands, or with an instability (ie. ona bosu ball or with your feet on a fitball)

    Guidelines for a standard pushup (feet and hands on the ground)

  • Prone flys

    • Lay on your stomach on the bench with your toes touching the ground, stabilising your body.
    • Contract through your core (abdominals and glutes) to keep your body still on the bench and to support your back and spine.
    • With your arms hanging below the bench hold a light dumbbell in each hand.
    • Ensuring that your shoulders are pulling back and down squeeze through your back to raise one arm and dumbbell up 90 degrees to the side of your body. Gently lower the weight back down and repeat on the other side.
    • Repeat 10-15 reps with each arm x 2 sets