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  • Lunges

    Stand tall with the feet parallel and hip width apart. Take a large step forward so that the front shin is vertical to the floor. Pause and lower the body steadily while keeping the torso upright and the shin vertical. As the back knee almost touches the ground push the heel of the front leg into the ground and spring back to standing.

    Make sure that whilst you are in the bent knee position that the front knee is in alignment with the toes. Head should be upright and facing forwards.

  • Lat pull down

    • Adjust the pin on the weight stack to an appropriate light/moderate weight. If unsure opt for a light weight
    • Adjust the bench if required so that your feet sit flat on the ground beneath the knee pads
    • Stand up to grab hold of the bar and pull it down so that you're sitting again
    • Place hands in a wide grip (overhand grip) or a close grip (underhand grip).
  • Hip extensions

    • Lie over the fitball on your stomach, keep rolling over the ball until it's under your hips and your hands and toes are touhing the ground.
    • Keep both hands on the floor and contract your core muscles (abdominals and glutes) to stabilise and keep your body still on the fitball.
    • Keeping one leg still squeeze through your glutes to raise the other leg up behind your body.
    • Try to keep your hips straight and parallel with the ground, and minimise twisting.
    • Squeeze through your glutes and control the lowering of your leg back to the ground.
  • Hamstring curls

    Hamstring rolls with fitball:

    • Lie on the floor, arms rested by your sides, heels on top of the fitball
    • Raise your hips and bottom off the floor, bend your knees and roll the ball in towards your buttocks
    • Keeping your hips off the floor, roll the ball back to the starting position
    • Repeat 15 repetitions x 2 sets
    • To progress this exercise you can lift one heel of the fitball balancing on one leg while the other hovers above the fitball. Repeat 10-15 repititions for each leg x 2 sets.

    Hamstring curls with multistation