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NutritionPLUS: The 5:2 Diet

The current NutritionPLUS focus is on The Fast Diet, also known as the 5:2 diet. It works on the premise that by reducing calorie intake on two non-consecutive days of the week, weight loss can be achieved, thus reducing your overall risk of developing lifestyle diseases. The NutritionPLUS forum is available for all members to use at any time via the VICSES extranet, whether or not you choose to partake in the 5:2 diet components of the current program.

5:2 diet - Is this the right healthy eating plan for me?

If you need to have structure in your diet without too many rules, then this eating plan is likely to suit you. It is also a great way to gain an understanding and awareness of what you may over consume on those “off days,” thus encouraging you to eat less of what is ‘bad’ and more of what is ‘good’, without feeling too restricted.

On the other hand, if the thought of self-restriction stresses you, this might not be quite right for you. Stress itself can decrease the body's natural ability to digest, causing an inability for the body to extract the vital nutrients from your food.

This diet is also not recommended for women wanting to conceive or who are pregnant. Please check with your health professional before starting any diet.

It is important that you choose to fast on two non-consecutive days of the week, for example, on a Monday and Thursday. It is suggested that women should restrict their diet to 500 calories and men to 600 calories on ‘fasting’ days. This may differ depending on your individual energy expenditure that day (eg. how much physical activity you partake in) and your height. It is also recommended that you continue to eat your normal healthy diet on ‘normal’ days.

If you’re time poor and still not sure, check out Kevin Partners ‘The Fast Guide to the Fast Diet’ on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9Aj6hRYg4A) to assist you with your decision.


The VICSES 5:2 diet pack

If you choose partake in the 5:2 program, you will receive a 5:2 diet pack in the mail. Enclosed within the pack you will find:

  • A copy of the fast diet recipe book (to be returned to the Health and Wellbeing library upon the end of the 8 week program – a return envelope is included)
  • Ways to personal success through goal setting
  • A copy of the BBC 5:2 documentary (1 hour in duration)


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