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Sit on the seat of the rower machine and strap your feet in tightly.

Concentrate on your posture, ensuring that your shoulders are pulled back and that your abdominal muscles are contracting to protect your lower back. You should maintain this posture throughout the exercise, keeping your back flat and hinging from the hips rather than hunching forward during the catch phase of the exercise.

Slide forward bending at the knees and hips and reach forward to take hold of the bar. This is the catch position.

From the catch position push through your heels and squeeze your glutes to straighten out your legs so that there is only a slight bend in the knees, at this point your hands and the bar will be above you knees and you can pull through your back to draw the bar in towards your abdomen. This should be one fluid movement. To return to the catch position do the reverse; control the bar as your arms extend until your hands and the bar are over your knees, then bend through the knees and hips back into the catch position.

Repeat this movement at an appropriate resistance level.