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Sensational Snacks!

Most people function best throughout the day if they eat regular meals and snacks.  As long as these are healthy, they can assist to control weight and ensure you have long lasting energy so you can work more effectively and feel energetic.   Eating regularly between meals (eg. having a snack for morning and afternoon tea) is beneficial in keeping your metabolic rate firing, and can prevent extreme hunger at the next meal leading to overeating.  Snacks are also important for recovery of muscles after exercise of any form, to help muscles repair and grow stronger.  Just make sure that when you choose healthy snacks, you don’t go overboard on quantity – the key is to eat small meals and snacks regularly!  It is not good to eat any food to excess, even if it is healthy.

It is a great idea to make sure you always have portable snacks on hand – choose long life ones to store in your bag or the glove box of the car.  Also make sure that you have some snacks stored at work in a cupboard, locker, or the fridge; that way, when the 4pm munchies arrive, you do not automatically run for the vending machine!  Try to choose foods that are low in fat – generally, most snacks should be less than 3g fat per 100g, in other words, at least 97% fat free.  However yoghurt and milk are naturally only 4% fat, so we aim to consume varieties of these that are less than 1.5g per 100g.

Read on for a variety of snacks to suit the sweet tooth as well as those who prefer savory!


Add to the supermarket list:

  • preserved fruit in natural juices (eg. two fruits, pears, peaches) 
  • vegetable sticks (eg. carrot, celery, capsicum) - also nice dipped in low fat commercial dips including salsa dips
  • rice snacks / rice cakes topped with cheese, vegemite, reduced fat peanut butter, or tomato and alfalfa
  • dry biscuits topped with reduced fat cheese, tomato, cucumber, or vegemite.  Look for biscuits labelled 97% or 98% fat free; grained varieties are even better for long lasting energy and people with diabetes
  • toast (preferably multigrain, capeseed, sourdough or rye) with thin spread of honey, jam, vegemite, marmalade, reduced fat peanut butter, or low fat cheese
  • raisin bread with jam, honey or marmalade (if wanting margarine, use a thin scrape of one containing less than 40% fat)
  • ½ - 1 toasting muffin or crumpet with spreads as per toast
  • Homemade or commercially prepared fruit muffins (aim for 97% fat free, or if homemade, ensure minimal oil or margarine are used)


Store in the fridge / coolpack:

  • fresh fruit in season (eaten whole or cut up for a colourful and enticing fruit salad)
  • low fat (99% fat free) flavoured yoghurt .  No need to go for fat free varieties; 99% fat free are fine.
  • Low fat Fruche (including varieties with Fruit on Fruche etc) –
  • Low fat (99% fat free) custard – found in the fridge section near yoghurts (aim for similar serving size to a 200g yoghurt tub)
  • Small serve of breakfast cereal with low fat milk
  • Small serve (~300mL) of low fat flavoured milk


Store in the car (depending on heat) / work bag:

  • low fat cereal or fruit bars that are 97% fat free 
  • dried fruit (be aware of the quantity you are eating – ¼ cup dried fruit is equivalent to 1 piece of fresh fruit) 
  • small serve of dried fruit and nuts (maximum 10 nuts unless attempting to gain weight)*


Purchase “on the move”:

  • Children’s size or small milk smoothie commercially prepared made from low fat milk, low fat yoghurt or soft serve, and fruit
  • low fat soft serve icecream (small serve)
  • Small serve (250 – 300mL) freshly squeezed fruit juice
  • ½ coffee scroll (ask for one with no butter or margarine)
  • Small plain or fruit scone with jam, marmalade or honey

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