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Step it up! pedometer program

Step it up! is a pedometer based exercise program that aims to ignite a little healthy competition amongst units in a five week challenge. Teams compete to achieve high step counts and participation rates, earning weekly points.
Regular physical activity

There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that partaking in regular physical activity reduces your risk of developing a wide variety of diseases and morbidity. The Australian Heart Foundation has equated the current Physical Activity Guidelines to roughly 10,000 steps per day.

Wonthaggi (left) and Sale (right) Units are the victors of the very first VICSES Step it up! competition in June 2014. They celebrate their win with their Health and Safety T-Shirts and sweat towels!

Step it up! April 2015 - Registrations have now closed. Stay tuned for 2016 details OR get started at any time with your own in house challenge. See details below!
  • Start date: April 2016
  • Registration closing date: March 2016

Log in to the VICSES extranet and follow the prompts on the home page. Alternatively, head to the VICSES Health and Wellbeing page (VICSES Extranet > My State > Health and Wellbeing) and sign up via the online booking site. To start your own in house competition (members of your unit compete as individuals or in small teams against one another) or to find out more about the program, contact your Health and Wellbeing team here (if this contact link does not work for you, please contact us via the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of the page).

How it works

Teams compete to achieve high step counts and participation rates, earning weekly points. The team with the most points at the end of the five week competition will be celebrated in the latest edition of the Phoenix magazine. Prizes for the winning team and the individual with the highest weekly step count are also up for grabs.

How to compete
  1. Nominate a Health Champion within your team. The role of the Health Champion is to not only be the point of contact between the Health and Wellbeing team your unit, but to help your fellow members find the motivation to get active! They will also be responsible for reporting weekly step counts and distributing weekly tip sheet to all participating members.
  2. Fix the pedometer to your waist band each morning and start stepping.
  3. Convert your ‘other activity’ to steps (conversation rates are included within your pack) and log your total step count at the end of each day on your individual daily step tracker, or use the 10,000 steps app on your smart phone to log them online.
  4. Log your total weekly step tally with the Health Champion on a Monday morning (via which ever method suits you best).

Members from Moe (left), Whittlesea (middle), and Frankston Units (right) were the participants with the highest step counts from each rounds in the 2014 mini-series.

Earning points

Teams earn weekly points by:

  • Achieving a comparatively high average step count
  • Involving a high percentage of members each week
  • Engaging in a group fitness activity of your choice

Points will be awarded and gathered weekly via:

High step count Weekly participation rate based on number of active members Group fitness activity
First place: 3 points More than 60%of active members participate: 1 point  
Second place: 2 points 80% - 99% of active members participate: 2 points  Most of your members participate in a group fitness session: 1 point
Third place: 1 point 100% of active members participate: 3 points  
Step it up! April 2015 competition report:

Colac Unit are the victors! An open letter to all participants

I was very impressed to see how well each unit embraced the competition and stepped (walked or ran) up to the challenge! Congratulations to the ColacUnit on becoming the winners of the April 2015 Step it up! competition! The final score board tally is as follows:
Final score board:

Luke Dowlan from the Hastings unit is the highest individual step count winner

The individual with the highest overall weekly step count was Luke Dowlan from the Hastings Step it up! team. He managed to achieve a huge step count of 324,762 steps during the last week of the competition; this is almost 46,500 steps per day! Luke has scored himself a Fitbit Charge.

Get those feet stepping
Well done to all participating and winning units! Together we have achieved a HUGE step count tally of 79,481,280!! Here are our biggest contributors:

Your next step

Over the duration of the competition we have learnt that partaking in regular physical activity can not only reduce our risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, but it also can improve our quality of sleep and aid stress management. Now that we’ve come to the end of the competition, here is your next step:

1. Don't stop just because the competition has

Take the tools that you have learnt throughout the competition and use them to build healthy lifestyle habits. I know that since my first competition in June last year, I wear my fitbit every day and try to challenge myself to get to an average of 10,000 steps a day by the end of the week. It used to be a real challenge but now, I barely have to take any notice to get there. Letitia from Moe Unit, who was our first ever highest step count winner, had some GREAT tips on finding ways to get active. My favorite – instead of meeting a friend at a restaurant for brunch, meet at home and walk there together. Read Letitia’s full interview in the December 2014 edition of the Phoenix magazine (page 14-15).

2. Keep it fun - it's all the motivation you need

Progression is the perfect way to keep your exercise fun and efficient. Getting sick of seeing the same trees? Change your route, change your pace, or simply, change the type of activity you are doing. Include some hills, run to the next road sign, find out when the local footy team train and include a lap of their oval in your route. Find out what’s happening in your local community – councils often offer free programs that are not only a great a way to get fit, but also provide another avenue to meet people and build contacts. It’s a great way to try out new activities that you might not be sure about too. For example, the Western Bulldogs’ Sons of the West Men’s Health Program offers men living in the western region of Melbourne the opportunity to live better, eat better, and get back into the game of life. Visit http://sonsofthewest.org.au/ to get involved.

3. Talk about it

The more you talk about it, the more likely you are to motivate your friends to also get active. We’re all in the same boat – sometimes you need to take it upon yourself, step up, offer some support, and get your mates active. Be a catalyst for change. Inspire and motivate. And besides, who doesn’t like a walking buddy?!

Can't wait till April 2016 to compete?

Please contact your Health and Wellbeing team to set up an in house competition. Compete against members in your own unit! (if this contact link does not work for you, please contact us via the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of the page).

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